Eric Daman for Charlotte Russe

Guardando Gossip Girl non avete mai desiderato di poter indossare gli stessi vestiti di Blair o di Serena? Tra poco lo potrete fare! La splendida notizia, infatti, arriva direttamente dallo stylist dello Show, Eric Daman. L’uomo, infatti si farà promotore, oltre che creatore, di una collezione ispirata alla serie di successo, che sarà venduta dalla catena di abbigliamento per teenagers di Charlotte Russe. ♥ http://www.charlotterusse.com/home/index.jsp

Sopratutto due saranno i punti forza di questa idea: il prezzo, poiché gli abiti avranno tutti un costo inferiore ai 50 €, e le taglie, che non saranno solo quelle XS delle Star della serie, ma che copriranno le esigenze di ogni ragazza.

If you like the way the girls on “Gossip Girl” dress when they are at a party, then chances are, you are going to love what Eric Daman has up his sleeve. Daman, who has been head stylist for “Gossip Girl” since its start, has teamed with specialty retailer Charlotte Russe to design a collection of party dresses and accessories called Eric Daman for Charlotte Russe. The stylist has been working with Charlotte Russe as the store’s creative director for the past couple of years, so the opportunity to launch this collection seems to be a natural progression. “I really feel I know the Charlotte Russe customer so well,” he tells StyleList. “And I felt the need to do party dresses because there is such a void out there for cute, fun, not-superexpensive dresses.” And so Daman has designed a collection of party dresses — a black one-shoulder sequin number, a black velvet frock with lace sleeves, a blue strapless dress with tulle accents, and an array of other cute styles. “They are designed in a way that they each have their own personality,” Daman says. “In this collection, there is a different shape and size dress for every girl.” The best part about the new Daman line? Every dress is under $50. And, you can pick up the whole ensemble in one place since he’s also designed a collection of accessories and shoes to go with the dresses. Everything will be available in Charlotte Russe stores and on CharlotteRusse.com starting Oct. 24.

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