14th Edition of Taiwan Millions Tournament Main Event on center stage – Day 1B underway

Taiwan Millions Tournament 14 – Live Updates – Day 1B

Buy in: NTD 8,000 (~USD 256)
Guarantee: NTD 10,000,000 (~USD 319,760)
Day 1A: 639 entries
Day 2 qualifiers: 77 players

Day 1B Live Updates

Day 1B: 648 entries
Chips in play: 16,200,000
Day 2 qualifiers: 78 players

01:40: Huang Hao-Syuan delivers the bubble
Level 18: 4000-8000 ante 8000

On a board showing Qc3dKhQd7s and 100,000 in the middle, Huang Hao-Syuan’s AcAs easily beat a player’s Kd5d top pair.

Huang Hao-Syuan – 316,000

01:35: Bubble round: Li Tsung Hao calls out bluff for a double
Level 18: 4000-8000 ante 8000

With 100,000 in the pot and a turn board 3sKc10hAh, big blind Wu Hao Kai bets 30,000, utg+2 Li Tsung Hao calls. On the river 2d, Wu fires a large 100,000 bet, Li calls to expose Wu’s 9s5s bluff. Li claims the pot with AsAc set.

01:10: Lo Cheng Yen boots one
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Cutoff shoves 65,000 with Ac4s to battle with, small blind Lo Cheng Yen calls with 5c5d, the board runs 10h3s7sQh8d. Lo boots one and chips up to 290,000.

01:00: Liu Li Ming rails another 
Level 17: 3000-6000 ante 6000

On a board 9dKs10h8s with 45,000 swimming in the middle, big blind Liu Li Ming checks, cutoff shoves 32,5000, Liu calls and shows Kd8c, cutoff has Qc8d, the river is 9h and busts.

Liu Li Ming – 380,000

00:45: Three way cooler! Liu Li Ming ships with Aces
Level 16: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Three players all in preflop, Liu Li Ming with AsAh doubles through cutoff with KsKc and rails small blind QhQs.

Liu Li Ming – 310,000

00:35: Liu Han Yang takes it with top pair
Level 16: 2500-5000 ante 5000

With 45,000 in the pot and a board that completed Ac8h3s4c5c, lojack Shiou Min Lin bet 19,000, hijack Liu Han Yang calls. Shiou shows 7d8d, Liu wins the pot with AsJh top pair.

Liu Han Yang – 480,000

00:20: Lo Chang Ming with the higher set
Level 15: 2000-4000 ante 4000

On a board showing 9h7c8d10cJs big blind is all in with 6h6d, Lo Chang Ming claims the pot with AsQs higher straight.

Lo Chang Ming – 280,000

00:15: Tu Chia Hui sends one packing
Level 15: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Under the gun +2 all in with 8h8s, hijack Tu Chia Hui with AhQh, the board runs As7cKd10dQc. Tu sends one packing.

Tu Chia Hui – 127,000

00:00: Lo Chang Ming claims the pot
Level 15: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Button player Lo Chang Ming raises to 8,000, big blind defends, the board runs 7dQhKc4cAd. Lo bets the flop 9k and turn 21k, big blind calls. On the river both players check. Lo claims the pot with Qs7s two pair over KhJc.

Lo Chang Ming – 170,000

23:30: Justin Geronimo pushes with second nuts
Level 14: 1500-3000 ante 3000

With 21,000 in the pot, Justin Geronimo check-raises all in on the turn 4h8cJd4s. Big blind tank-calls with 3s3d and is drawing dead to Geronimo’s JcJc set. The river was Ad.

Justin Geronimo – 160,000

23:10: Chen Bo Chuian dominates with cowboys
Level 13: 1200-2400 ante 2400

Mid position player Chen Bo Chuian raises then calls a three bet shove and shows KcKd that dominates the aggressor’s JdJh. With no help coming for jacks on the board 2d10c9s10d3c, Chen ships it and boots one in the process.

23:00: Chen Bo Chuian’s jacks hold for a double up
Level 13: 1200-2400 ante 2400

On a board showing 3sAd2hJs3c and 90,000 in the pot, lojack check-calls Chen Bo Chuian’s shove with AcQc top pair. Chen has JcJh for a double up.

Chen Bo Chuian – 220,000

22:50: Ace high wins Kong Fung the pot
Level 12: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Under the gun raiser Kong Fung calls a three-bet shove by the button player. Kong opens Ah6h, button has Jc10c, the board runs 3hQd2cKcKs.

Kong Fung – 80,000

22:05: Hao Kai Wu scores double KO
Level 10: 600-1200 ante 1200

Hao Kai WuHao Kai Wu

Three way showdown, under the gun AhKs, small blind Hao Kai Wu QcQs, big blind 9s7d. The board is 4d4s3s2s9d. Two players go bust.

Hao Kai Wu – 225,000

21:55: Tsuan Pim Lin outkicks
Level 10: 600-1200 ante 1200

On a flop Ac3c10c with 23,000 in the pot, under the gun bets 5,000, hijack Tsuan Pim Lin jams for 20,900, utg calls and shows Ad7s top pair. Tsuan has As10s higher kicker The turn 5c and river Jd secure the win for Tsuan.

Tsuan Pim Lin – 65,000

21:20: Justin Geronimo pushes for the pot
Level 9: 500-1000 ante 1000

With 18,000 in the pot and a board 2c10s5hJd, big blind bets 10,000, Justin Geronimo jams his 27,000 stack and wins the pot.

Justin Geronimo – 55,000

20:45: Alex Lee outdraws one
Level 9: 500-1000 ante 1000

Singaporean star pro Alex Lee AhJd cleans out small blind 8d8h on a board Qd9c5h10sAd. He rises to 40,000.

20:30: Chang Yuan Hao wins the flip
Level 9: 500-1000 ante 1000

Under the gun raises to 2000, utg+1 calls, small blind Chang Yuan Hao jams 30,300, utg calls, utg+1 folds. Chang has 10h10s, utg AsJc, no hits on the board for the overcards. Chang rises to 59,000.

20:25: Yoda Lin calls the bluff
Level 8: 500-1000 ante 1000

On a board that completed Qd3d2dKh7c and 32,000 in the pot, big blind bluff bets half pot with Ad6s, Yoda Lin calls with Qc10c to take the pot.

Yoda Lin – 95,000

19:15: First break of the day chip counts, 483 entries
Level 5: 300-500 ante 500

The Main Event is rockin’ with 483 entries at the first break of the day. Another four levels before registration closes at the end of Level 9. Here are the top 3 in chips at the break:

Tsai Yu You Ci – 140,000
Jerry Wang – 135,000
Shiou Minlin – 130,000

18:50: Zhen Jia Hong’s set of Aces rails Peng
Level 5: 300-500 ante 500

Hijack Benjamin Peng shoves 11,800, cutoff Zhen Jia Hong calls and small blind calls. At the flop 5cAh4d, no bets landed. On the turn 10d Zhen shoved, sb folded. Zhen opened AdAc, Peng 5s5d, both with sets. The river was 6c for Zhen’s set of Aces to ship it and rail Peng.

Zhen Jia Hong – 60,000

18:30: Notables in the house
Level 4: 200-400 ante 400

Alex Lee
Justin Chan
Junnie Pamplona
Chen An Lin
Lee Kun Han
Zong Chi He
Edward Yam

17:25: Benjamin Peng delivers double KO
Level 3: 200-300 ante 300

Two players all in preflop QdQc and Jc3d, called by Benjamin Peng with Ks9h. The board ran 5d9cJd6cKs.

Benjamin Peng – 120,000

The 14th edition of the highly anticipated Taiwan Millions Tournament is in full swing at the newly built Asia Poker Arena in Taipei City, Taiwan. The doors blasted open on July 14 and has been jam-packed daily, driving prize pools through the roof and crowning wealthy champions.

CTP Taiwan Millions Main Event Day1B2

At the heart of the festival is the Main Event which kicked off on July 23. The anticipation resulted in a mind-boggling 639 entries for Day 1A with 77 ITM players proving their mettle, advancing to Day 2. Standing out was Taiwan’s Chi Jen Chen with a 542,000 stack to earn the chip leader status. He is the player to measure to at today’s Day 1B heat.

Chi Jen ChenChi Jen Chen

Top 10 in chips – Day 1A

Chi Jen Chen

Chu Chi Hao

Teng Wei Lien

Yue Sheng Wu

Hsien Wei Tseng

Shao Chi Chang

Chih Cheng Chen

Yu Kai Wang

Yi Wei Peng

Czar Ian Marcos



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